Pirelli Diablo
MOTO-D PRO Series Dual Temp Warmers
MOTO-D PRO Series Dual Temp Warmers

MOTO-D PRO Series Dual Temp Warmers

Price: $384.99



Handcrafted in Europe - Race Ready Dual-Temp Tire Warmers.

MSRP $350  /pair 

  • Quick Power Up, Red Power-On Indicator Light.
  • Carbon Weave Exterior Shell provides Extreme Insulation.
  • Level I / Low – warm (maintain) at 60C / 140F. After coming in from riding, in between sessions, put on Level I. Ideal for Rain.
  • Level II / High – hot (heat soak) at 85C / 185F. Before going out, put on Level II to get tires up to max temp. Don’t leave on Level II for longer than 55 minutes.
  • Superbike Design with Side Skirt Coverage ensures Rim Heating and Tire Carcass Penetration.
  • Features Nomex® IIIA lining which is thermally stable, provides even insulation, and is flame resistant.
  • Carbon Coil Wire Technology heats up 25% faster than less efficient copper wire warmers at only 950 watts (equivalent to 1,200 watts).

*Unlike other tire warmers which use soft copper wiring which becomes brittle when hot and immediately begins to deteriorate, MOTO-D Racing PRO-Series D/T use Carbon Coil Wiring which can be twisted or crushed without failure.

WARRANTY INFO - 2-Year No Hassle “Burnout Proof” Warranty included.

If they fail due to a manufacturing defect, MOTO D will repair or replace.

If they fail because YOU left them on and accidently burnt them out (user negligence), MOTO D will repair or replace them (once).