Pirelli Diablo
A-Rider Diablo Supercorsa Tires

A-Rider Diablo Supercorsa Tires


The ULTIMATE high-performance racing tire, that has been homologated for street usage!

Using experience gained in the World Supersport series, Pirelli has developed this line of tires to provide maximum grip and longevity on the track! A new shoulder design maximizes the contact patch area for improved grip at the cornering limit. The tread pattern maximizes the amount of rubber that reaches the track, while still providing excellent stability under braking and cornering. High-performance polymers ensure these tires will provide consistent grip throughout the entire track session. While this tire is street legal, we recommend it for trackday usage primarily.
Tire Compound Choices:
SC0:Qualifying / SC1:Super SOFT / SC2:SOFT / SC3:MEDIUM

For smaller CC bikes (under 600cc), we'd recommend the SC1 compound in front and the SC2 in rear. For 600cc bikes and up, the SC2front/SC3rear combo has gotten excellent reviews.