Pirelli Diablo
Diablo Supercorsa SC - World SuperSport Race Tire!

Diablo Supercorsa SC - World SuperSport Race Tire!


World-class reference in street legal racing tyres
Developed for the World Championships of the Supersport and Superstock categories, thanks to its range of compounds it offers excellent performance on any track
Dot street legal tread pattern Pure Racing behavior
Pirelli’s most performing street legal racing tyre ever produced
The ultimate evolution of our Racing Supersport most winning product Property Single Groove Tread Pattern
Long longitudinal groove and high Modulus fiber carcass Advanced profiles effect and larger slick area on shoulder Increased deformation resistance
Larger contact patch area and increased Grip


High modulus fiber carcass offers a lower deformation ratio and makes the entire structure stiffer to allow a better synergy compounds and carcass
Single Element tread pattern permits a 24% larger slick shoulder area (vs. previous Diablo Supercorsa), increasing contact area and grip and wear regularity
New compounds offer great balance of mileage and grip in an ultra-high-performance product
Rear tire uses Pirelli’s patented EPT (enhanced patch technology) matched with a try-zone compound that helps optimize the contact patch for improved grip and handling

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