Pirelli Diablo

Trackday Riders




More and more track-day riders have dedicated track bikes, and therefore no real need for a DOT approved tire.

A "slick" means there is no tread design cut into the carcass.   The purpose of grooves cut into a tire is to dissipate water when riding in wet conditions.  If you are only using the tire in dry conditions, then a slick tire gives you more grip because it puts more rubber in contact with the road surface.

Naturally, the Superbike SC3 SLICKS are meant only for dry track conditions, so you'll have to switch to a RAIN TIRE if it's a wet trackday.  (we recommend running a full "wet" tire when riding on the track in wet conditions)

-  a special carcass and compound to warm up quickly without needing tire warmers.

- provides more grip at lower temperatures than the regular race slicks, which are designed for maximum performance in a narrow temperature range (very hot). 

- very resistant to heat cycling, and at higher temperatures the SC3 compound stiffens, which reduces tire abrasion and increases longevity.

NOTE:  Slick tires are NOT legal for street use.

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