Pirelli Diablo


Motorcycle Tires & Gear is available at ALL Loudon Road Racing events in 2019. For most events, we are present on Friday during race practice, and we are always present both Saturday and Sunday whiles races are underway. For more details or to see if MTAG will be present at the track on a certain date, please email info@gomtag.com .


Current Results can be found HERE!


Any rider racing on PIRELLI tires at LRRS events is eligible to accumulate points towards the Chase. Points are directly equivalent to FINAL LRRS finishing points in every LRRS race. The season total for each rider will be used to determine their finishing position in the Chase.  All race classes and all rider classes are scored identically, so Experts, Amateurs and Novices on any type of motorcycle all have an equal chance to accumulate points and win payouts.

Pirelli riders must register with MTAG Pirelli before ANY points are counted; don’t procrastinate and score points in races that won’t count! You can register by coming by the Pirelli garage anytime during an LRRS event and providing some information.

Pirelli riders are responsible for emailing INFO@GOMTAG.COM after each LRRS event with their results summaries; which classes you competed in and what position you finished. MTAG Pirelli will confirm this using the official results.

Registered racers are only eligible for races in which they used Pirelli racing tires (Superbike slicks, Supercorsa DOT, Diablo Rain or Diablo Wet) purchased from MTAG Pirelli.

All racers must display a minimum of four Pirelli stickers on their motorcycle to be eligible to score points; two on the sides of the fender and two on the sides of motorcycle body.  All registrants must supply one digital photo showing the rider (no helmet) standing next to the bike, with Pirelli stickers visible.

Below are the payouts for the Pirelli Championship Points Chase:

1st place - $1000

2nd place - $800

3rd place - $600

4th place - $500

5th place - $450

6th place - $400

7th place - $350

8th place - $300

9th place - $250

10th place - $200

All payouts are in the form of tire credit good for use with MTAG Pirelli on tire purchases for the use of the winning party. Tire credits must be used in the following LRRS season(2020). Tire credits are not transferrable or for resale, and tires received using tire credit are intended for the use of the winning racer.